Ayyame Fatimiyyah 1436

First Ashra of Ayyame Fatimiyyah by Maulana Syed Hashim Raza Jaffery

Majalis of Ayyame Fatamiyyah started on 26th Febuary 2015. Everyday program starts at 8:45 p.m.

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7th Jamadiul Awwal 8th Jamadiul Awwal 9th Jamadiul Awwal 10th Jamadiul Awwal
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11th Jamadiul Awwal 12th Jamadiul Awwal 13th Jamadiul Awwal 14th Jamadiul Awwal
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15th Jamadiul Awwal 16th Jamadiul Awwal 17th Jamadiul Awwal 18th Jamadiul Awwal
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Eid e Zehra Programs

Every year on the 9th, 10th and 11th of Rabiul Awwal, Jashne Eid Zehra is celebrated at Imambargah Ali Reza

11th Rabiul Awwal Majlis

Alternative Link: www.playit.pk/watch?v=bWNjt4WeQnY



Alternative Link: http://www.playit.pk/watch?v=DYqpBFyAJgA

10th Rabiul Awwal Majlis

Alternative Link: http://playit.pk/watch?v=zASErixVKa4



Alternative Link: http://playit.pk/watch?v=Q_kxJEN2KTs


Alternative Link: http://playit.pk/watch?v=rS93rw_64xA


9th Rabiul Awwal Majlis

Alternative Link: http://playit.pk/watch?v=NYfHBBw0hwQ

Alternative Link: http://playit.pk/watch?v=2keOz06usf4

Alternative Link: http://playit.pk/watch?v=7vGZj9EFA_I