Dhul Hijjah 1435 – Maulana Sajid Wakil

We are pleased to welcome our guest speaker Maulana Sajid Wakil from Karachi. He will be reciting Majalis on the various occasions throughout the month of Dhul Hijjah at ImamBargah Ali Reza Sharjah.

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Dhul Hijjah 1435 Programs

Results for Ramadan Competition – Ramadan 1435

On 28th July 2014, the ceremony to announce the winners of the Ramadan Competition took place. Students were judged through a thorough exam process for both Deeniyat and Qirat competitions. We had 400 participants for Deeniyat and Quran competition held in both boys and girls section.

The winners of the Gents side is as follows:

                    Quran Competition                   Deeniyat Competition

Group A
1st Yousha Raza   1st Fahad Hussain
2nd Muhammad Abbas   2nd Shajar e Abbas
3rd Ali Abbas   3rd Muhammad Mehdi
Group B
1st Durr-e-Haider   1st Mohammad Kumail
2nd Asif Ali   2nd Asif Ali
3rd Turab Haider   3rd Wajih Muhammad
Group C
1st Muhammad Ruhail   1st Muhammad Ruhail
2nd Muhammad Hur   2nd Ali Zohair
3rd Muhammad Taha   3rd Ali Ayyan
Group D
1st Ali Shakir   1st Ali Ahmed Nanji
2nd Ali Ahmed Nanji   2nd Ali Shakir
3rd Muhammad Qaim   3rd Muhammad Raza
Group E
1st Muhammad Hasnain Kirmani   1st Muhammad Raza
2nd Ghulam Abbas   2nd Muhammad Taqi
3rd Muhamma Hussain   3rd Fayyaz Hussain